Today, HORIBA Scientific releases the new version of its CS analyser, the EMIA-V2. All the successful and appreciated features, as well as performance criteria are maintained. The new development work focused on simplifying the operator’s use and maintenance. 

Two main areas were developed. Firstly the furnace area was redesigned for better efficiency combined with fast and easy replacement of elements. The second area of improvement was made on the software which now includes a complete “maintenance navigator” for operators as well as service engineers. With the navigator, all maintenance operations are described in detail and supported by video, pictures, drawings, text and schematics. This comes in addition to the interactive maintenance screen and the preventive service counters to make sure that the instrument is always in optimal condition.
In today’s laboratories, the complete status of instruments must be monitored and confirmed to provide reliable data, and furthermore a complete traceability of the results is required. The new EMIA-V2 provides these key features on top of many well known on previous models.