The Editors of Composites Part C would like to invite researchers and investigators to contribute their original research papers as well as review articles dedicated to addressing the different aspects of biobased composites, their reinforcements, manufacturing processes, application areas and key performance improvement strategies.

The special issue will highlight issues related to the overall performance of biobased composites, along with the key advantages and potential solutions for industrial sectors.

Some examples would be the use of high-performance advanced biocomposites in transport, marine, construction and aerospace. The Editors are interested in papers that address the challenges of using composites in these scenarios - such as property variability of plant fibres; reinforcement; susceptibility to high moisture uptake; lower enduring capabilities at extreme weathering conditions; and less compatibility with hydrophobic polymer matrices - leading to inferior mechanical performance.

Potential topics in the special issue could include, but are not limited to:

  • Structure and morphological relationships of plant fibres, their effects on the properties of resultant biobased composites;?
  • Design, manufacturing techniques and parameters influencing the overall properties of biobased composites and their plant reinforcements;
  • Hygrothermal ageing behaviour, effects and their influence on the long-term mechanical and thermal properties and ways to minimise the negative effects;
  • Surface modification and functionalization of plant fibre composites and biocomposites for enhanced performance;
  • Hybrid composites and their technical and environmental challenges;
  • Damage prediction and Modelling of biobased composites;
  • Valorisation of biobased composites through recycling: methodologies and ways to circularity;
  • Assessment of environmental impact of biobased composites through Life cycle assessment (LCA).

Important Note: Please note that Composites Part C is a fully Gold Open Access Journal, meaning that your paper will be available to all. We are pleased to be able to waive the Article Publishing Charge (APC) for this Special Issue.

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  • The submission deadline is the 30th September 2022 and we look forward to receiving your submissions!