Hydrogen storage in solid materials for several decades stands in focus of the research activities of materials scientists, physicists, chemists and electrochemists. Such a broad interest is coming from a need to develop cost and energy efficient ways to store hydrogen from renewable sources. From fundamental perspective hydrogen present in the materials creates a vast variety of interesting and unique phenomena, affecting properties at the atomic (structure, bonding, magnetism), microscopic (bulk-powder transformation, nanostructuring) and macroscopic (hydrogen embrittlement, ductility, strength) scales thus bringing together the scientists belonging to the multidisciplinary fields. The Special Issue aims to provide a broad overview of Hydrogen in Metals research field – from fundamentals to applications – and covers various aspects of structure-properties relationship in the materials for hydrogen storage and changes caused by hydrogen, including hydrogen effect on structure and bonding, magnetism of the hydrides, hydrogen diffusion in metals. From applied prospective the issue presents novel developments in a) New materials for hydrogen storage; b) Composite hydrogen storage materials with advanced properties; c) Hydrogen generation by hydrolysis process; d) Electrochemical applications of hydrides as electrolytes in rechargeable batteries and as battery electrode materials; e) Hydrogen processing of magnetic materials; f) Novel applications of metal hydrides.

This Special Issue aims to publish invited reviews and research papers authored by well-known experts in the field and young researchers from several countries (Australia, Austria, Brasil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA). Both a great variety of topics and multinational contributions indicate that the studies in the area "Hydrogen Storage Materials" are a dynamic and intensively developing field, promising new advances in fundamental and applied research for many years to come.

With this Call for Papers we welcome research papers on all topics covering hydrogen storage to be submitted to the Special Issue.

Please be aware that proposals for the review papers, if not agreed with JALCOM in advance, should be discussed with the Guest Editors prior to their submission.

Deadline for the manuscripts submission: September 15th, 2021.

Guide for Authors:
Authors are suggested to follow Journal of Alloys and Compounds’ Guide for authors
(https://www.elsevier.com/journals/journal-of-alloys-and-compounds/0925-8388/guide-forauthors) for preparing manuscripts. To submit a manuscript, author must select “VSI: H Storage Materials” as article type during the submission process.

Coordinating JALCOM Editor:
Prof. Volodymyr Yartys
Institute for Energy Technology, Norway
Email: volodymyr.yartys@ife.novolodymyr.yartys@gmail.com

Guest Editors:
Prof. Min ZHU
South China University of Technology, China
Email: memzhu@scut.edu.cn

Institute of Chemistry and Materials Science of Paris East, France
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