Dolomite, world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has significantly increased its offering with the ability to integrate metal electrodes into its range of glass and polymer microfluidic chips. A wide variety of geometries can be created such as interdigitated electrodes, heaters and temperature sensors. Applications include impedance detection and temperature control in microreactors and generation of electrical fields for dielectrophoresis.

“With this metal electrode integration, we are able to offer our customers a different kind of microfluidic chip, expanding the range of applications for which microfluidics can be used”, said Mike Hawes, Dolomite's Head of Marketing. He continued, “With a truly extensive range of standard or customized microfluidic components, Dolomite has positioned itself as an industry leader equipped to meet the needs of any company seeking to reap the benefits of microfluidic technology”.

Dolomite also provides microfluidic devices and instruments in areas such as point of care systems, drug delivery and a wide range of biotech applications.