After Elsevier launched its Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge last June, nearly 500 submissions poured in from around the world. The contest, which invited innovative proposals that could be directly applied to the developing world, was open to individuals and organizations in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors.

Projects can be in any field of Green or Sustainable Chemistry so long as they are applicable for use in developing countries. 

After an extensive review process, the scientific jury selected five finalists:

Sustainable Textile Dyeing Using Nanocellulosic Fibers (Yunsang Kim, PhD)

Dr. Yunsang Kim’s proposal is on the development of innovative textile dyeing technology using nanocellulosic fibers to reduce the generation of wastewater and release of toxic chemicals in dyeing process.

Biopesticide for Improvement of Paddy Yield (Daniel Joe Dailin, PhD)

Dr. Daniel Joe Dailin will seek funding for his proposal to develop a water-based bio-pesticide, based on a unique combination of different plant extracts, for improving the productivity of paddy fields.

BIO-AQUA Water Purification (Lucian Lucia, PhD)

Dr. Lucian Amerigo Lucia proposes a bio-based technique, utilizing third world on-site resources for sorbent development, to remediating drinking water in third world nations of its heavy metal toxins.

Sustainable Fertilizer Delivery Systems and Biosorbents (Eric Wei Chiang Chan, PhD)

Dr. Eric Wei Chiang Chan’s entry is on production and using carboxymethyl cellulose to serve as a biosorbent to remediate polluted sites reduce leaching of crop fertilizers into water catchments.

To Provide an Eco-Friendly, Low Cost Clean Water Solution (Anindya Ghosh Roy)

Dr. Anindya Ghosh Roy plans to design a low-cost portable water filter that provides clean water solution and is 100% biodegradable.

These contestants will present their proposals in a plenary session at the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin April 4 to 6, an international scientific meeting with renowned speakers from around the world.

The winners will be announced at the end of the conference. The first prize winner will be awarded €50,000, and the second prize winner will receive €25,000.