Introducing the Materials Today book series

We are pleased to announce that Materials Today is now expanding into the world of books with a series of titles covering the state of the art in emerging and high impact fields in the materials science community; complementing the cutting edge research published in our journal family, including new titles Applied Materials Today, Materials Today Chemistry, Materials Today Energy, and Materials Today Physics.

The Materials Today book series covers emerging topics in materials science, with a particular focus on the role of the discipline in addressing wider societal challenges, for the development of a healthier, more sustainable, and technologically advanced future.

Advances in materials science enable the creation of efficient and sustainable electronic devices that are now necessary for individuals to take part in today’s networked society. Breakthroughs in materials science research create opportunities for more impactful, accurate and less invasive solutions for patients and professionals in the health sector ­– especially important for an aging global population. Many of the potential solutions to the challenges that humanity faces in terms of limited resources and changes to the environment, rely in part on the continued innovations of materials science researchers.

Books in the series tackle, in some cases for the first time, recent advances in a format that allows for in-depth treatment of these important discoveries. Each book addresses a hot or emerging area of research, featuring contributions from experts from different parts of the world who are working in that area. This provides for researchers who are new to the field, especially those working across traditional discipline boundaries, with an introduction to an exciting area of research, and for experienced researchers a concise overview of the latest advances.

Underpinning these efforts is also the research being done to advance the discipline of materials science itself: improvements and discoveries in this area provide researchers with the tools and understanding to discover new ways to apply materials science. Advances in materials physics, materials chemistry, and materials discovery are providing these enabling technologies and science.

In the Materials Today book series, top experts discuss potential solutions to the problems of today – for a better tomorrow.

Books currently in development in the series include:

  • Wearable Bioelectronics Edited by Onur Parlak, Alberto Salleo and Anthony P.F. Turner
  • Spintronic 2D Materials: Fundamentals and Applications Edited by Yongbing Xu and Wenqing Liu
  • A Quantum Approach to Alloy Design By Masahiko Morinaga
  • Bioinspired Design of Materials Surfaces By Yongmei Zheng

If you would like to propose a book for the series, please click here to download, complete and submit the Materials Today book proposal form.