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Characterization news, March 2023

Defects of patchy model essential for understanding 2D materials

Using patchy particles, researchers built a micrometer-size model of graphene and used it to obtain insights into defects in 2D materials.

By stacking two semiconducting 2D materials, researchers have, for the first time, managed to create a 'spherical cow’ Kondo lattice.

marine planktonic organism, Acantharia, has a star-shaped endoskeleton of 20 spicules in a unique geometric pattern

A new technique can reveal how materials respond – at the nanoscale and in near-real time – when they are scratched, indented or experience shear stress.

Researchers have discovered that the charge density waves in a kagome lattice crystal are directly linked to its magnetism.

Two new complex oxides could help usher in more energy-efficient computer chips and devices that combine memory and logic.

Researchers have discovered an entirely new family or sub-category of highly correlated topological phases in the semiconductor gallium arsenide.

Using electron microscopy and computer modeling, researchers have studied the corrosion of metal alloys by molten salts in one, two and three dimensions.

Researchers have created a new type of quantum material whose atomic scaffolding has been dramatically warped into a herringbone pattern.

Researchers have investigated in detail how electric fields can be used to tune the thermal properties of ferroelectric materials.

Researchers have developed a novel ceramic polymer material for use as a solid electrolyte in a lithium-air battery.

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