Mechanical properties news, July 2019

Ant-sized piezoelectric robots

Ant-sized piezoelectric robots

A novel algorithm considers all possible combinations of elements in the periodic table in order to predict novel hard and tough materials.

New light materials for 3D printing

X-ray analysis of sintering bioactive glass particles reveals process and opens door tailored scaffolds for bone repair

new proactive risk governance system can keep pace with development and should lead to safer nanomaterials, products, and processes

Researchers have used X-ray tomography to visualize how cracks form near the edges of the interfaces between materials in solid-state batteries.

Researchers have developed a novel ink for 3D printing, based on a nanocellulose gel, that can mimic the unique ‘ultrastructure’ of wood.

Previous assumptions regarding polymer behavior are challenged by new laboratory techniques that measure polymer flow at the molecular level.

simple process to make hexaferrites particles with high coercivity could prove useful for magnetic storage media and microwave absorbers

flexible capacitors made from layers of polyester coated with graphene and hexagonal boron nitride inks could form basis of washable wearable electronics

Magnetic shape-memory material with potential applications in biomedicine, aerospace, wearable electronics and robotics

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UK researchers say this opens the door for more environmentally-friendly lubricants


Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater