Mechanical properties news, August 2022

Researchers have developed a method for producing high-strength carbon fiber from chemically modified lignin and polyacrylonitrile.

Using a film of gallium nitride, researchers have developed a wearable sensor that communicates wirelessly without requiring onboard chips or batteries.

Researchers have discovered a new strain-based mechanism that can increase both the strength and ductility of high-entropy alloys.

Researchers have developed a hydrogel that is stronger and more durable than natural cartilage, making it ideal for use in knee implants.

Researchers have developed a novel polymerization technique that can control the molecular weight of polymers.

Researchers have printed structures that use air-filled channels to sense how they are moving and interacting with the environment.

Addition of graphene gives running shoes a boost

Choosing the right natural fibre can have a big impact

Researchers have developed a new way to probe the atomic-scale defects created inside materials by assessing the amount of energy stored within them.

Researchers have 3D-printed a dual-phase, nanostructured high-entropy alloy with both high strength and ductility.

Researchers have shown that adding shrimp-derived nanocrystals and nanofibers of chitin to cement can increase its strength by up to 40%.

new concept for lead-free X-ray shielding material based on two-dimensional antimonene

By applying a 19th-century color photography technique to holographic materials, researchers were able to print large-scale images onto elastic materials.

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Researchers have developed a novel fiber where one side is flexible cotton and the other side is a conductive polymer.


Inspired by polar bear hairs, scientists have created an elastic, lightweight heat-insulating material made from hollow carbon tubes.


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