Mechanical properties news, May 2023

Researchers have developed a machine-knitted textile ‘skin’, using conducting yarns made of metallic fibers, that can sense contact and pressure.

autonomous, self-powered mechanical metamaterials perform basic computation

Researchers have designed and tested a series of textile fibers that can change shape and generate force like a muscle.

combination of two 3D-printable polymers create mechanical metamaterials with a shape memory response

Researchers have shown that epitaxial strain can be used to create high-quality metal oxide thin films out of ‘stubborn’ metals.

atomic-scale composition of regrowing bone in a bioceramic scaffold revealed for the first time using an atom probe

Electroconductive hydrogel for tissue repair, drug delivery and medical implants

Novel smart coatings for orthopedic implants have bacteria-killing nanopillars on one side and strain-mapping flexible electronics on the other.

Hierarchical carbon structures also show promise for CO2 capture

Using a high-powered microscopy technique, researchers have uncovered a new metric for understanding how soft materials yield to stress.

A new scientific tool called Polybot combines artificial intelligence with robotics to discover novel electronic polymer materials.

Using graphene oxide and manganese dioxide particles, researchers have managed to make a battery cathode in the shape of a thread-like fiber.

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3D-printed, deformable electrodes and separators based on nanocellulose are promising for stretchable Li-ion batteries


Researchers have developed a novel fiber where one side is flexible cotton and the other side is a conductive polymer.


Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater