Carbon news, October 2023

In-vitro analysis finds boron nitride and graphene oxide could irreparably damage DNA

When stacked in five layers in a rhombohedral pattern, graphene displays both unconventional magnetism and an exotic type of electronic behavior.

Researchers have combined metal nanoclusters and graphene nanosheets to produce a new and imporved separator for lithium-sulfur batteries.

Researchers have developed a ‘quantum ruler’ to measure and explore the strange magnetic and electronic properties of moiré quantum materials.

Researchers propose that the 2D materials MXene and MBene show great potential for use in carbon-capture technologies.

Yeast cells that accumulate the misfolded peptides linked to Alzheimer's disease can recover after being treated with graphene oxide nanoflakes.

Researchers have expanded and optimized the choice of ions that can be used with a novel carbon-capture technique.

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