Carbon news, February 2014

A team of researchers have devised a way of making tiny holes of controllable size in sheets of graphene, which could lead to water purification.

UCLA researchers have created a drug delivery system that may have less severe side effects than traditional glaucoma medication

Scientists reveal graphene's ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation – energy from across the radio frequency spectrum.

Materials Today is happy to announce that proceedings for the forthcoming ANM 2014 meeting will be published in Materials Today: Proceedings.

Researchers at the University of Manchester have tested how good graphene membranes are as filters for liquid water.

A team of researchers at the University of Vienna unveiled the superconducting pairing mechanism in Calcium doped graphene using the ARPES method

Northwestern University researchers find that water molecules traveling through tiny carbon nanotube pipes flow intermittently like stop-and-go traffic.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have obtained atomic-level images of a molecule in its natural watery environment using sheets of graphene.

A new multidisciplinary, open access journal.

Researchers have developed a highly selective catalyst capable of electrochemically converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.

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A novel method for extracting lignin from wheat straw can produce a more uniform molecule with a consistent molecular weight.

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