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Computation and theory news, August 2017

Computational modelling with a supercomputer has revealed how different solidification speeds alter the microstructure of a novel alloy.

Using electron microscopy, scientists have discovered that silica nanoparticles form quasicrystals as they grow and evolve.

Detailed tests have helped to reveal why one promising material added to the electrolyte of lithium-air batteries doesn't work as well as expected.

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Simultaneous design and nanomanufacturing speeds up fabrication.

Scientists have used machine learning to gain insight into the physical structures associated with specific properties of metals and alloys.

Scientists have simultaneously designed an optimal material for light management in solar cells and fabricated the nanostructured surfaces.

A newly discovered collective rattling effect in a crystalline semiconductor blocks most heat transfer while preserving high electrical conductivity.

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Scientists have made the first observation of nanocrystals rapidly forming superlattices while they are themselves still growing.

Scientists have predicted and created new 2D electrocatalysts able to extract hydrogen from water with high performance and low cost.

Defects in the structure of topological insulators can cause electron transport to occur in the bulk rather than just at the surface.

Under certain conditions, the magnetic properties of a material can predict the relationship between its elasticity and temperature.

By combining tools from chemistry, mathematics, physics and materials science, researchers have found a way to identify novel topological insulators.

Studies of the connection between viscosity and atomic interactions have revealed that glass transition starts at higher temperatures than thought.

By taking advantage of strontium copper borate, scientists have shown experimentally a quantum phase transition for the first time.

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