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Computation and theory news, February 2019

Perspectives on the materials research landscape

Two new reports, now available for download.

New database reveals that topological materials are quite common

A new database has revealed that topological materials are quite common, and include everyday elements such as arsenic and gold.

Scientists have calculated that, unlike most materials, when boron arsenide is compressed its heat conductivity first improves and then deteriorates.

Tiny differences surface roughness can cause changes in how two surfaces adhere to each other

A novel neural network algorithm can determine the appropriate amount and direction of strain required to confer specific properties on a material.

A ruthenium-based catalyst shows markedly better performance than commercial platinum catalysts at splitting water for hydrogen production.

Combining graphene and white graphene in a ceramic should produce a material that alters its conductivity when subject to different types of strain.

Tiny, electrically charged crinkles in graphene sheets can interact with molecules on the surface, causing the molecules to line up along the crinkles.

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