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Computation and theory news, January 2019

New theory overturns old research on conducting polymer

Researchers have demonstrated that the conducting organic polymer PEDOT functions in a completely different manner than previously believed.

Super-resolution microscopy reveals true motion of polymer chains

Using super-resolution microscopy to observe the motion of individual polymer chains has revealed the true complexity of polymer dynamics.

Guided by theoretical calculations, researchers have discovered a new class of promising thermoelectric materials.

Sensing molecular logic

Using a new theory called stress localization, scientists have created a durable silicone polymer coating capable of repelling ice from any surface.

Chemists have found that the void spaces in 2D layers fundamentally changes the strength of the van der Waals forces between the layers.

New generation holograms hard to counterfeit

A new catalog details the sizes and shapes of the holes that would most likely be observed in 2D materials when a given number of atoms is removed.

Research could improve layered materials and predict earthquakes

Scientists have developed and analyzed a novel catalyst that can produce a useful biochemical from plant-derived material.

High-energy X-ray beams and a clever experimental setup have allowed researchers to watch the formation of two different cobalt crystals.

graphene can covert high frequency gigahertz signals into the terahertz range

light-emitting diodes based on perovskites that have surpassed a milestone in efficiency

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