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Computation and theory news, August 2023

Researchers have developed a new machine-learning model for discovering magnetic materials that are free of critical elements.

A computer model of realistic graphene structures has shown that graphene doesn't need to be perfect to be used for technological applications.

Researchers have developed a framework for predicting how the structure of solid-state electrolytes can affect the performance of a battery.

Researchers have visualized the microscopic behavior of interacting electrons that gives rise to the insulating quantum phase of twisted bilayer graphene.

Advanced functionalities of non-collinear antiferromagnets

new family of low density TiMgLi-based compositionally complex alloys promise hydrogen storage at room temperature

By combining pyrolysis and hydroformylation, researchers have developed a novel process for turning low-value waste plastic into high-value products.

Using computer simulations of glass-forming particles, researchers have discovered a new type of exotic ordering that can influence glass formation.

For the first time, researchers have shown that it’s possible to reproduce brain-like, non-local behavior in a quantum material.

A novel robot called RoboMapper can conduct experiments more efficiently and sustainably to develop new semiconductor materials with desirable properties.

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