Electronic properties news, September 2014

Water-based batteries go nuclear

Free radicals generated in solution by beta decay of strontium-90 tapped for electricity generation.

New graphene transistors could offer new high-frequency devices

Graphene could lead to devices in high-frequency electronics.

Raising the profile and supporting the efforts of materials science research.

Researchers have developed a new sensor that can detect and count nanoparticles, at sizes as small as 10 nanometers, one at a time.

Scientists have developed what they believe is the thinnest-possible semiconductor, a new class of nanoscale materials made only three atoms thick.

Jack Lemons has been awarded the highly acclaimed international 2015 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal Award.

Want to know the latest news in materials science?

Textile-based organic photovoltaic cell could be a promising approach for powering wearable electronics.

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