Metals and alloys news, November 2010

Innovation prize for solar cells

Research organisation Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, based in Freiburg, Germany, has won the European Association of Research and Technolog

The 2011 atomising course run by Perdac and Sheffield-based Atomising Systems Ltd (ASL is to be held in Central Manchester, UK, on 3-4 March.

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A novel silicon-ion battery with a layered metal oxide cathode and a liquid electrolyte works as well as some lithium-ion batteries.

Current research


Researchers have developed a thermophotovoltaic cell that can convert heat directly to electricity with an efficiency of around 40%.


colloidal photonic crystal ink enables printing of 2D and 3D colored structures using additive manufacturing techniques


Researchers have designed a catalyst of ruthenium atoms in a mesh of copper nanowires to extract ammonia and fertilizer from wastewater.

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Partnering with the Chinese Failure Analysis Institution (CFAI) of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)

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