Metals and alloys news, June 2021

photonic composite based on biopolymers, silk proteins, and gold nanoparticles twists and bends in response to light

groups of enzyme-powered nano-sized robots swarm in biological fluids and inside organisms

Researchers hope that carbon obtained from coffee grounds could build better and more sustainable batteries

Researchers have improved the energy density of organic-based, solid-state lithium batteries by altering the cathode microstructure with ethanol.

shape-memory actuator based on nanometer-thick platinum films capped with titanium dioxide could enable low-power, electrically programmable microrobots

Based on their predictions, researchers have developed a bismuth alloy with oddly behaving electrons that manipulate heat in unusual ways.

researchers reveal the secrets of transition metal-nitrogen-carbon (M-N-C) catalyst pyrolysis

Researchers have found that a semimetal made of cerium, ruthenium and tin is quantum critical in its native state, without the need for any fine-tuning.

Utilizing two microscopy methods, researchers have visualized the oxidation of hydrogen on a rhodium nanoparticle in real time at nanometer resolution.

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