Metals and alloys news, July 2023

Palladium atoms on the surface of a catalyst can remove 90% of unburned methane from natural-gas engine exhaust at both low and high temperatures.

carbon fiber reinforced composite combined with piezoelectric nanoparticles acts as a self-powered sensor to detect stress and damage

polymer-coated liquid metal EGaIn particle electrodes and interconnects for stretchable displays, multilayer pressure sensors, and soft artificial fingers

Researchers have found a way to use aluminum foil to create solid-state batteries with a higher energy density and greater stability.

For the first time, scientists have witnessed pieces of metal crack then fuse back together without any human intervention.

Researchers have shown that a traditional manufacturing tool called metal cutting can be used to determine the properties of metal materials.

Containers with nanotextured interior walls can keep volatile organic compounds from accumulating on the surfaces of stored nanomaterials.

A new thermoelectric cooler made from a metallic alloy boasts a much higher cooling power and efficiency than current thermoelectric units.

Printing 3D solid objects at room temperature in a single step using metallic gel

For the first time, researchers have been able to to synthesize a topological semimetal made of platinum, tin and iron as a thin film.

Researchers have found a way to make thin films of an exciting new nickel oxide superconductor that are free of extended defects.

Researchers have created a cloak made of silica and aluminum that can cool an electric vehicle when it's hot and warm it when it's cold.

Researchers have developed a metallic gel that is highly electrically conductive and can be used to print 3D solid objects at room temperature.

Researchers used rotating magnets to induce magnetic nanoparticles to form chiral structures and then transferred this chirality to other materials.

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