Metals and alloys news, November 2023

Non-conductive magnetic strips and platinum spacers could allow the heat generated by electronic devices to be used for computing.

By measuring shot noise. researchers have produced the first direct evidence that electricity doesn't flow through strange metals as quasiparticles.

Researchers have discovered that a one-dimensional metal called purple bronze can switch between insulating and superconducting states.

A novel titanium alloy with tantalum and copper can produce surgical implants that kill 87% of the bacteria that cause staph infections.

vacancies can be used to engineer the mechanical toughness and fracture behavior of transition metal dichalcogenides

smart contact lens with novel bimetallic electrodes monitors glucose levels in tears in real time

Researchers have found a way to develop energy-efficient catalysts for the chemical industry by dissolving metals such as tin and nickel in liquid gallium.

A new 3D-printing method allows structural modifications to be ‘programed’ into metal alloys without the need for traditional heating and beating.

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