Metals and alloys news, March 2023

A novel electrolyte containing inexpensive chloride salts can raise the Coulombic efficiency of zinc batteries to nearly 100%.

New method for growing flowery MXenes

By taking advantage of ‘atom economy’, researchers have developed a faster, more efficient method for producing the 2D materials known as MXenes.

Researchers have developed a liquid-metal-filled organogel composite with high electrical conductivity, high stretchability and self-healing properties.

A novel plasmonic paint utilizes a nanoscale structural arrangement of aluminum and aluminum oxide to create different colors.

A novel superconducting hydride material operates at a temperature and pressure low enough for practical applications.

Using electron microscopy and computer modeling, researchers have studied the corrosion of metal alloys by molten salts in one, two and three dimensions.

Researchers have investigated in detail how electric fields can be used to tune the thermal properties of ferroelectric materials.

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