Metals and alloys news, July 2015

The goal of this research was to reduce the cost of the cathodes in fuel cells designed to power automobiles and homes.

Researching the power of light-capturing nanomaterials to boost the efficiency and reduce the costs of photovoltaic solar cells.

“Superconducting Materials: Conventional, Unconventional and Undetermined” now available.

Take a look at the latest Materials Today impact factors.

Biomimetics helps researchers solve environmental problems and build environment-sensing robots.

Neutron experiments sight fluctuating magnetic properties of plutonium.

The Air Force Research Lab has announced the Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge.

SoftwareX is now open for submissions.

A team of scientists working within a European consortium has now taken the breakthrough in ultrasound degassing of molten aluminium alloys.

Engineers have invented a way to fabricate silver, a highly conductive metal, for printed electronics that are produced at room temperature.

Postdoctoral scholars in between jobs can get free access to Elsevier's journals and books on ScienceDirect.

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