Optical materials news, July 2014

A solution for new meta materials

A new approach to meta materials has been developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge and the Donostia International Physics Center in Spain.

Researchers in China have demonstrated that nanowires of potassium niobate can act as UV-A photodetecting materials.

The solution-based inorganic process could drive more efficient electronics and solar devices

New laser reference device, traditional quartz “tuning fork” and coin for scale. Credit: Jiang Li/Caltech

Researchers have demonstrated that an array of novel gold, pillar-bowtie nanoantennas can be used like traditional photographic film to record light.

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Researchers have developed a novel, tunable nanoantenna that paves the way for new kinds of plasmonic-based optomechanical systems.

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time a photonic router – a quantum device based on a single atom.

The best in materials science news from June 2014.

Research shows magnetically responsive liquid displays helped by nanorods.

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