Optical materials news, August 2022

Irradiating a topological insulator with circularly polarized laser light can generate harmonics that reveal information about its quantum properties.

Using thin-film metal oxides and perovskites, researchers have created fuel-producing artificial leaves that are light enough to float on water.

novel precursors diethanolamine (DEA) and L-ascorbic acid (AA) in spray pyrolysis produces better cuprous oxide (Cu2O) thin films for electronics

For the first time, researchers have used photons and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spins in a 2D material.

By applying a 19th-century color photography technique to holographic materials, researchers were able to print large-scale images onto elastic materials.

Researchers have developed an improved method for making a new type of semiconductor that is a few atoms thin and can interact with light.

Researchers have unexpectedly discovered that tetrahedron-shaped gold nanoparticles can arrange themselves into 2D chiral superstructures.

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Researchers have found a way to greatly increase the length of time that quantum dot spin qubits can store quantum information.


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