Optical materials news, November 2017

Whispering glass

Whispering gallery mode optical resonators for sensors.

Scientists have discovered that the shape and repetitive organization of the building blocks in a metamaterial determine how it interacts with light.

Synthetic microspheres with nanoscale holes that can absorb light at many frequencies have helped to reveal how leaf hoppers hide from predators.

Surface reflections from glass surfaces can be reduced to nearly zero by etching tiny nanoscale features into them.

Researchers have developed a new technique for creating novel nanoporous materials with unique optical, magnetic, electronic and catalytic properties.

Lateral heterojunctions between 2D semiconducting monolayers produce more efficient solar cells than vertical stacks.

Researchers have found a way to reversibly change the atomic structure of a two-dimensional material by injecting electrons.

Prototype photodetector with double the efficiency of standard models.

Inspired by the octopus, engineers have developed polymer-based stretchable surfaces with programmable 3D texture morphing.

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