Optical materials news, April 2023

Conventional looms produce unconventional textiles

Researchers have developed flexible displays and smart fabrics that can be made on the same industrial looms used to make conventional textiles.

An innovative one-step solution-coating approach simplifies the manufacturing process for perovskite solar cells.

transition metal carbide and carbonitride MXenes possess optical properties in the visible and IR range ideal for thermal management applications

Researchers have identified a novel degradation mechanism, involving twisted polymers, in the electron-donor material of an organic solar cell.

Researchers have shown that extremely thin films of molybdenum disulfide display unprecedented charge carrier properties.

Researchers have shown that machine learnng can identify hybrid pervoskites that are both high-performing and resiliant to environmental conditions.

Researchers have created an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency photovoltaic cell that can harness ambient light to power internet of Things devices.

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