Optical materials news, May 2022

Researchers have developed a new approach to creating topological insulators by etching a novel chained, honeycomb-lattice design into silica.

Using nanometer-thick organic semiconducting films, researchers have, for the first time, mapped how energy flows in organic solar cells.

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to automatically design large-scale metasurfaces for focusing, shaping and controlling light.

Researchers have created a zinc oxide ‘metalens’ that can transform incoming long-wave UV light into a focused output of vacuum UV radiation.

Researchers have created a new qubit platform for quantum computing by trapping a single electron in a frozen neon gas.

Researchers have developed a 'throttle' for accelerating light-based hybrid particles known as polaritons to nearly the speed of light.

New glass-in-glass fabrication process

Researchers have created synthetic nanoclusters that can organize themselves all the way from the nanometer to the centimeter scale.

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