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Biomaterials news, January 2016

Cell-free protein synthesis for on-demand therapeutic proteins.

Congratulations to our editors listed in Thomson Reuters 'World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2015'.

Polymer fibers of the right size and shape could help regrowing nerve cells repair tissue damage after injury

US scientists have developed a new platform to rapidly screen formulations for current gene-editing systems.

Monolayers of hollow carbon spheres can make a novel, low-cost, ultra-lightweight antireflective coating for microwave radiation.

By encasing a hydrogen-producing enzyme within a viral protein shell, scientists have developed a novel fuel cell catalyst.

A new type of synthetic bone graft can boost the body’s own ability to regenerate bone tissue and could produce better outcomes for patients.

Scientists have developed a new process that can produce silica compounds from the hulls left over from processing rice.

Skin-like polymeric material uses carbon nanotubes to bring a sense of touch to robotic and prosthetic devices.

Modeling shows hybrid material that responds to different stimuli.

Encasing sunscreen active ingredient inside sticky polymer nanoparticles stops penetration into the skin.

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Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater

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Acoustic modification of collagen hydrogels facilitates cellular remodelling


Biologically inspired fabrics represent a novel class of materials with uniquely engineereable properties.


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