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Biomaterials news, May 2019

penguin feathers and polar bear fur hold the key for designing effective thermal insulating materials

hierarchical structure of horse's hoof inspires energy-absorbing, impact-resistant materials

Cardiac patch that can be placed directly onto the heart for treatment of heart disease

researchers have developed an alternative to plastic in the form of a recyclable composite made from graphite and cellulose extracted from wood pulp

A novel foam made primarily from cellulose nanocrystals works better than Styrofoam for insulation.

A glue extracted from mussels and bio-active peptide molecules can help repair damaged nerves

Now open for Original Research and Review article submission.

‘Lifelike’ material with artificial metabolism made from DNA

Gold builds impossible biocages

3D bioprinting of entangled artificial organs

A biodegradable implant encourages the natural repair of broken bones using heat

Calling Early Career Researchers attending ChinaNANO.

Genomics and protein properties of bagworm silk for biomimetics

Bioglass nanoparticles containing strontium ions stimulate human-derived stem cells to differentiate into bone-forming cells

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