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Biomaterials news, April 2017

Biomaterials Outstanding Paper Award: Call for Nominations

Find out more about the Biomaterials Outstanding Paper Award and submit your nomination.

Elsevier Editors claimed awards at Society for Biomaterials 2017 Annual Meeting.

Explore the first issue of HardwareX.

Advances in polymerization have enabled their use in cosmetics, drugs, biomedical devices, paints, coatings, adhesives, and microelectronics

Sustainable seaweed for supercapacitors.

A group of Canadian researchers have investigated the optimal design for lightweight armour, using 3D printing and mechanical testing.

Wide-reaching analysis finds more women in research but physical sciences are lagging behind.

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Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater

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Acoustic modification of collagen hydrogels facilitates cellular remodelling


Biologically inspired fabrics represent a novel class of materials with uniquely engineereable properties.


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