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Biomaterials news, August 2020

Fiber electrode shows promise for wearable electronic devices

Supercapacitor made from the fiber electrodes

Engineered camelid nanobodies sheath coronavirus spikes

Novel composites of nanocellulose and metal nanoparticles could prove of use for various optical, catalytic, electrical and biomedical applications.

Antibodies attached to the surface of red blood cells could boost the body’s ability to fight disease

Nanotech for improved wound healing

German scientists demonstrate a world-first – engineered spider silks that inhibit microbial growth

new highly absorbent, breathable polymer fabric protects wearers against harmful aerosols and chemical warfare agents

We are excited to announce that Elsevier in collaboration with SPIE, titled Photonic Materials and Applications.

A self-healing material patterned after squid ring teeth protein could be used to repair materials that are under continual repetitive movement.

Bio-inspiration for making polyenes

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