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Biomaterials news, January 2018

Novel hydrogel offers logical approach to drug delivery

Operating according to simple mathematical logic statements, a novel hydrogel will only release its drug cargo in response to specific physiological cues.

Black is the new black

Super black birds could inspire meta materials.

3D printing soft tissue scaffolds.

Asymmetrical polymer particles imprinted with DNA are able to bind together in a spatially defined manner for use in biomedicine and 'soft robotics'.

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Jellyfish-inspired triboelectric nanogenerator can harvest energy from waves and power sensors that can detect fluctuations in the water surface.

3D tattoos light up for chemical sensing.

Improved DNA detection using nanopore sensors.

Fabrication of the first-ever metallic glass nanotube arrays on a Si substrate by a simple lithography and sputter deposition process.

Batteries powered by sweat made completely from fabric

Novel bioactive nanocomposite hydrogel based on hyaluronic acid and self-assembled bisphosphonate-magnesium nanoparticles facilitates bone regeneration.

Scientists have developed an entirely textile-based, bacteria-powered bio-battery that could one day be integrated into wearable electronics.

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