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Biomaterials news, July 2020

New titanium implants could last a lifetime

multi-functional porous titanium implant could last a lifetime

Healing wounds using honey and silk

An update on an ancient remedy has potential for effective scar-free healing of wounds

A novel 'GI tract-on-a-chip'has shown that covalent adaptable hydrogels can degrade and spontaneously reform in the gastrointestinal tract.

graphene antennas could offer a flexible metal-free option for wearable electronics

Melanin that is enriched with selenium protects against harmful radiation from medical X-rays and in spaceflight

Researchers have synthesized a new form of melanin enriched with selenium for protecting human tissue against harmful radiation.

Researchers have identified a small number of impurity atoms that may contribute to the strength of enamel, but also make it more soluble.

2D germanane has potential to deliver active agents directly to tumors

polymer fiber-reinforced bone cements stabilize dental implants more effectively after extraction

Smart medicines could generate drugs and imaging agents when they come into contact with diseased tissues

Materials called metal-organic frameworks can be spun into fibres to filter particulate pollutants from air

Scientists have characterized carp scales down to the nanoscale, potentially allowing their toughness to be replicated in synthetic structural materials.

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Researchers have developed a novel fiber where one side is flexible cotton and the other side is a conductive polymer.


Using amyloid silk hybrid proteins, researchers have created fibers that are stronger and tougher than some natural spider silks.


Researchers have made their transparent wood more sustainable by replacing fossil-based polymer fillers with versions made from orange peel.


A new material derived from crab shells and tree fibers has the potential to replace the flexible plastic packaging used to keep food fresh.

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