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Biomaterials news, October 2016

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Engineers have shown that fungi cultivated in brewery wastewater can be converted into electrodes for lithium-ion batteries.

nerve fiber-carbon nanotube mesh hybrid scaffold material helps cells to reconnect separated segments of spinal tissue

polymer nanoparticles carrying an immune-suppressing agent administered at the same time as biological drugs can attenuate immune response

By allowing peptides to continuously reorganize their sequences, scientists have produced a range of novel peptide-based materials.

Chitosan biocompatible and biodegradable 3D scaffolds made by flocking.

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Read about Kytai Nguyen- the 2016 Embracing Challenge Award winner.

Scientists have placed a layer of graphene on top of a fatty lipid monolayer, as a first step towards surrounding graphene with a shell of lipids.

Engineers have developed a new material made from hydroxyapatite and a biocompatible polymer for 3D printing bone implants.

A new material made of tiny cellulose nanofibers could replace potentially harmful absorbent materials in diapers and sanitary products.

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