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Biomaterials news, November 2019

Researchers have formulated design rules that guide how ribosomes can incorporate new kinds of monomers to produce synthetic polymers.

Biomaterials for Cell Manufacturing and Tissue Biofabrication

Special Issue in Acta Biomaterialia

10th BIOMETAL2018 - International Sympsoium on Biodegradable Metals

A material that mimics the organs targeted by autoimmune cells could draw these cells away from vulnerable body tissues

Stable materials can be created from disordered proteins by altering the environmental triggers that cause them to undergo phase transitions.

coating silk sutures with antimicrobial spider silk proteins could alleviate the problem of post-surgical infection

Using an electron microscope, scientists have uncovered the mechanisms that make nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, so hard and resilient.

kirigami-inspired design allows graphene-based sensor devices to withstand large strains

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