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Biomaterials news, February 2023

Cellulose ink makes printing 3D wearable electronics easy

conductive cellulose-based ink for printing 3D stretchable wearable electronics is cheaper and less energy intensive to produce

Plant waste promises biocompatible bioplastics

lupin hull biowaste could offer a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly, feedstock for biomaterials and bioplastics

Using a metal-organic framework, researchers have created an engineered wood that gets stronger as it absorbs carbon dioxide.

3D-printing structures for housing human cells using self-assembling peptide ink

Enhancing environmentally friendly food packaging

A novel gel made from mucus molecules shows promise as a synthetic bone graft material.

Researchers used novel peptide inks to print hydrogels with complex structures that could be used for regenerative medicine and medical research.

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