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Biomaterials CHANGE TOPIC

Biomaterials news, October 2017

Coating paper with gold nanoparticles produces a flexible supercapacitor that could be used to help power wearable devices.

Biodegradable and flexible optical fibres offer many advantages for medicine.

New approach integrates liposomal technology with ‘smart’ hydrogels that are responsive to NIR light.

Scaffold consisting of freeze-dried conductive PEDOT:PSS supports survival, growth, and differentiation of osteogenic precursor cells.

A polysaccharide polyelectrolyte complex made from cellulose and chitosan could replace plastic barrier coatings in packaging.

Frictional, structural, and mechanical studies of hind leg femur-tibia joint of katydids reveals novel antifriction and antiwear properties.

A new study shows that animals spin silk by pulling rather than pushing it out of their bodies, which could improve the processing of synthetic materials.

Biomass used to make carbon microspheres for energy storage.

Polymer-coated gold nanocages loaded with active agents modulate telomerase activity.

Pathogen-mimicking nanocomplex tricks the body into launching immune response against tumors.

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