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Biomaterials news, January 2019

By coating cotton with a conducting polymer, researchers have developed a fabric that can harvest body heat to power wearable electronic devices.

Gold nanoclusters promise treatment for Parkinson’s

clusters of gold nanoparticles promise a new way of treating the debilitating neurodegenerative condition Parkinson’s disease

Textile researchers have found a simple process for coating silk with ZnO

Nanoparticles made from cellulose acetate are promising candidate for medical imaging applications

Chinese researchers develop the world’s first ‘living biofilm’ adhesive with tuneable behaviour

Man-made materials communicate with different cells to promote process of tissue repair

Molecules termed traction force-activated payloads can help to produce materials able to talk to the body's natural repair systems to drive healing.

Micro-topographical screening of biomechanically directed tendon cell phenotype.

small doses of gold nanoparticles can be broken down by aquatic plants over a period of months

movement of tiny, simple silicon nanomotors in an electric field can be controlled remotely using light

A composite made of lignin, nylon and carbon fiber possesses just the right mix of viscosity when hot and strength when cool for 3D printing.

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