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Biomaterials news, July 2016

Recipients of the 2015 Acta student awards

freshly made stacks of a few graphene oxide sheets are excreted quickly and efficiently from the body

Polymerizedvitamin B2 derivative recharges lithium batteries

A genetically engineered strain of bacteria can spin out extremely thin and highly conductive wires made up of amino acids.

3D paper-based MFC that uses capillary action and so does not need an external power source

In a two-year study, Austrian researchers have investigated the behaviour of magnesium-alloy implants in mammalian femurs.

Using rod-shaped bacteria to introduce nanoscale wrinkles into graphene causes it to conduct electrons differently in perpendicular directions.

Scientists have studied the pangolin to learn the secrets of its protective outer armor.

An innovative material made from waste biomass offers an efficient and selective approach for capturing carbon dioxide emissions.

New Editor-in-Chief for Materials Today's sister title

A new silicon-based nanomaterial can be used to stimulate individual nerve cells and manipulate the behavior of muscles and organs.

A novel 3D bioprinting process that uses strands of cow cartilage as ink may one day create cartilage patches for worn out joints.

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