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Biomaterials news, July 2018

Lithium-calcium-silicate bioceramic hat could be a promising biomaterial for reconstructing defects and damage at the cartilage-osteochondral interface.

Longer-lasting human skin equivalent alternative based on silk-collagen composite.

Synthetic biopolymers from egg white albumen.

Biogenic solar cells that work effectively on cloudy days

Microfluidics compresses cells to gain entry.

Custom-built parylene deposition system for a field-effect transistor.

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Researchers have discovered that entangled, long-chain polymers in solutions relax at two different rates after processing.

Elsevier's extended Materials Today family also delivered very strong results.

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Using amyloid silk hybrid proteins, researchers have created fibers that are stronger and tougher than some natural spider silks.


Italian researchers look to cellulose and carbon for ingestible devices

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