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Biomaterials news, December 2019

Lab-grown mini-tumours with a network of functioning blood vessels will assist understanding of cancer and drug testing

Nanoparticles target tumor’s blood supply

drug-loaded silica nanoparticles target the blood vessels that supply tumors with oxygen and nutrients to ‘starve’ cancer cells

Researchers test a sampling of synthetic, biocompatible hydrogels to see how tuning them influences the body’s inflammatory response.

German Research Foundation honours Dr. Baptiste Gault with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award

plastic waste in seawater breaks down and dissolves into organic molecules much more quickly than expected when exposed to sunlight

highly porous polymer foam that mimic bone marrow drives the differentiation of blood-forming stem cells

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Current research


Researchers have developed a low-cost gel film made from abundant ingredients that can pull water from the air in even the driest climates.


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