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Biomaterials news, May 2015

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DNA origami scaffolds turn nanobuilders

DNA origami scaffolds support building of precisely controlled nanoparticle clusters.

Engineers and physicists have shown how liquid crystals can be employed to create compound lenses similar to those found in nature.

Stretchy scaffolds, which expand when local conditions change, could help promote cell regrowth.

Researchers synthesize antibacterial polydopamine-Ag nanocomposite particles for biomedical applications via an easy, green process.

Could compounds extracted from corn husks offer a low-cost route to antibacterial nanoparticles?

Thanks to graphene, we may be one step closer to creating micron-scale motors that can be navigated through our bloodstream.

Using onion epidermal cells to make artificial muscle.

Wyss has developed a novel, truly biocompatible alginate hydrogel that can be synthesized using "click chemistry".

Scientists has now identified proteins, which play a key role in the production of rubber in dandelions.

Researchers have developed new textured surfaces for culturing cells in the lab.

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