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Biomaterials news, November 2021

Assessing how biowaste can be used in optical applications

Using waste biomass as an environmentally friendly alternative

core-shell polymer nanoparticles triggered by near infrared (NIR) light combine photodynamic and immuno-therapy to treat tumors

3D personalized polymer scaffolds with precise texture, shape, and size encourage aligned growth of neurons for neural tissue engineering and repair

Researchers have developed a novel biohybrid photocatalyst comprising a light-harvesting protein and a metal-containing catalyst.

Sweat sensors for non-invasive healthcare monitoring

An exploration of the amazing world of surface science.

By combining copper with cellulose nanofibrils from wood, researchers have developed a flexible ion conductor for solid-state batteries.

Researchers have discovered that interactions between the layers of nacre in a pearl cause its symmetry to become more and more precise as it grows.

Researchers have developed a process for making wood 23 times harder, allowing it to be used to make sustainable knives and nails.

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Dopamine-containing tissue adhesive gelatin hydrogels for wound management


Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater


Nanoparticles deliver anticancer drugs to tumors in the body more effectively than current medicines.

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