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Crystalline materials news, April 2017

New material offers simple way to detect chemical and radioactive contamination

The specific colors emitted when a chemical binds with a new crystalline material can be used to determine the identity of the chemical.

Open source hardware: first issue of HardwareX now available

Explore the first issue of HardwareX.

Scientists have succeeded in coupling together the specific defects in two separate diamonds, which could lead to novel quantum technology.

Crystalline clathrates templated with DNA.

A new computational method can map how molecules assemble and crystallize to form novel materials.

For work exploring boron doped diamond as a pH and chlorine sensor for water safety.

Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals exhibit unexpected characteristics that could be harnessed for use in sensors.

Cutting edge research at the interface between physics and materials science.

Scientists have developed a one-step, crystal growth process for making ultra-thin layers of material with molecular-sized pores.

Wide-reaching analysis finds more women in research but physical sciences are lagging behind.

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