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Crystalline materials news, June 2021

Researchers hope that carbon obtained from coffee grounds could build better and more sustainable batteries

shape-memory actuator based on nanometer-thick platinum films capped with titanium dioxide could enable low-power, electrically programmable microrobots

Novel crystalline form of silicon for the next generation of electronic and energy devices

Biodegradable battery for the Internet of Things, integrated health monitoring, and environmental or agricultural sensing

Researchers have developed a novel photopolymerization process for synthesizing two-dimensional polymers.

A novel separator based on a metal-organic framework can keep gas-based electrolytes from vaporizing in batteries that work at ultra-low temperatures.

Researchers have shown that covalent organic frameworks can be turned into a porous aerogel that could find use as a custom membrane in batteries.

Scientists struck a crystalline material with ultrafast pulses of laser light and then used X-rays to probe how its magnetic order changes.

high pressure shocks shown to lead to new forms of matter

A novel crystalline form of silicon with a hexagonal structure could help to create next-generation electronic and energy devices.

Researchers have discovered that a layered crystal made of rhenium and silicon can produce a highly efficient transverse thermoelectric generator.

Researchers have shown that quantum confinement can occur in perovskites, causing them to behave like liquid quantum dots, or 'quantum drops'.

Utilizing two microscopy methods, researchers have visualized the oxidation of hydrogen on a rhodium nanoparticle in real time at nanometer resolution.

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