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Crystalline materials news, October 2023

Researchers have shown that photonic crystals with lattice distortions can bend light just like gravity.

Researchers have discovered that irradiating a crystal of titanium dioxide with an electron beam can repair cracks in the crystal.

For the first time, researchers have investigated what happens when they bombard a crystal with positrons, the antiparticle of an electron.

Researchers have used X-ray analysis to study the formation of microstructures in a 3D-printed nickel alloy during the printing process.

Researchers have shown that all-inorganic perovskites can be deformed and morphed at room temperature without compromising their functional properties.

Ultrafast X-ray imaging has revealed that tiny linear defects can propagate through a crystalline material faster than sound waves.

Using a new X-ray technique, researchers were able to capture images of soundwaves traveling through a crystalline material.

Using multiple computational techniques, researchers have predicted the conditions necessary for creating spin defects in silicon carbide.

A novel halide perovskite, made using vitamin C, can stabilize an extremely rare form of gold that has lost two negatively charged electrons.

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