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Crystalline materials news, August 2022

Researchers have discovered that a long-standing theory can only explain around 50% of the superconductivity in a copper oxide superconductor.

Researchers have devised a new machine-learning method for creating color-coded graphs of large volumes of data from X-ray analysis.

Researchers have discovered a new strain-based mechanism that can increase both the strength and ductility of high-entropy alloys.

Researchers have developed a hydrogel that is stronger and more durable than natural cartilage, making it ideal for use in knee implants.

Researchers have 3D-printed a dual-phase, nanostructured high-entropy alloy with both high strength and ductility.

new concept for lead-free X-ray shielding material based on two-dimensional antimonene

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For the first time, researchers have worked out how to 3D-print a particularly strong form of stainless steel.


A novel nanophotonic material made from oxide layers can control the flow of infrared radiation and withstand high temperatures in air.


A new design principle can predict whether metallic compounds are likely to host topological states that arise from strong electron interactions.


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