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Crystalline materials news, April 2023

An innovative one-step solution-coating approach simplifies the manufacturing process for perovskite solar cells.

MXenes promise versatile thermal management

transition metal carbide and carbonitride MXenes possess optical properties in the visible and IR range ideal for thermal management applications

Researchers have found that the hydrogel polyethylene glycol can absorb moisture from the atmosphere even as temperatures climb.

Researchers have shown that extremely thin films of molybdenum disulfide display unprecedented charge carrier properties.

Researchers have unexpectedly discovered that excitations called ‘spin excitons’ can ‘ripple’ through a nickel-based magnet as a coherent wave.

A novel 2D magnetic material made from an iron-based alloy and graphene is, for the first time, able to work at room temperature.

A novel computer model has revealed that the heating required for many catalytic processes is sufficient to break the chemical bonds in catalysts.

Researchers have developed a computational model that can predict which metal-organic frameworks will be most stable.

Using liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy, researchers have observed nanoparticles self-assembling and crystalizing into solid materials.

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