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Crystalline materials news, December 2018

Light-emitting nanocrystals stimulate brain-like computing

Conventional computers could be replaced by massively parallel, low energy, more intelligent brain-like processors using artificial synaptic devices

Kinetics-controlled, same protocol, different shape Pt nanocrystals production for optimized catalytic activity


Using an x-ray visualization technique called COBRA, scientists have imaged the 3D atomic and electron density structure of a perovskite crystal.

Congratulations to Prof M Stanley Whittingham.

Magnetic frustration, kagome magnet

Physicists have synthesized borophene with large-area single-crystal domains on copper substrates, making it suitable for electronic applications.

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Scientists have worked out why large polymer microgel particles in an assembly will spontaneously shrink to the size of smaller neighboring particles.

Current research

Current research


merging recycling with manufacturing can reform waste into value added materials for re-use